‘Culture’ in Orhan Pamuk’s Select Novels: Istanbul, Snow and The Black Book


Dr. Kanchana Sundaram


Turkish, civilization, evolotion, Istanbul


Asia Minor reflects a great cross road of ancient civilizations and is geographically positioned between the Black sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The Romans called this broad peninsula as Lesser Minor and it has become the Asian Part of the present Modern Turkey. This peninsula is spread from the east of Greece, the Aegean Sea across Thrace and Greeks call this land as Anatolia.

Asia Minor is located to the west of Asia and half a mile towards Europe at the separated city of Istanbul. The two continents Europe and Asia Minor are linked by two suspension bridges over the Bosphorus River. Asia Minor shares it borders on the northwest with the Sea of Marmara. The peninsula area is of 292,000 square miles.

The high arid plateau of Asia Minor about 3,000 feet is flanked by rugged mountain ranges to the north and south. Several salty lakes were formed in the plateau region by a number of mountain ranges enclosing valleys which are flat and broad.


October 9, 2023