About the Press

Smart Moves publishes scholarly Journals and books. Smart Moves also publishes books in both formats, ebooks and print mode. We design covers of the books (ISBN) as per their content and requirement. Smart Moves publishes scholarly Journals namely:

  1. Smart Movies Journal IJELLH (International Journal of English Language, Literature and Humanities) for English language research publication.
  2. IJOHMN (International Journal Online of Humanities), covers a vast area of humanities other than English Language and Literature.
  3. Smart Moves Journal IJOSTHE (International Journal Online of Sports Technology & Human Engineering).  This journal provides a solid platform for the researchers who study Human Engineering and Sports Technology.
  4. Smart Moves Journal IJOSCIENCE (International Journal Online Science).  Science-related subjects and researches are published through the IJOSCIENCE journal.

All four journals of our publishing house are peer-reviewed.  Smart Moves also follows the open journal access policy for all four publishing journals.  On one hand, it ensures the originality of the research area and on the other hand, it also guarantees plagiarism-free research content, well‑researched and plausible argumentative study. 

SMART MOVES aims to work in the field of educational research work publication and awareness apart from others, providing cutting edge skills to aspiring professionals.

Ownership Statement

SMART MOVES is a registered organisation in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Smart Moves is a publishing house that was established in the year 2012. Mr Rajeev Tiwari is the proprietor/owner of Smart Moves. SMART MOVES is a for-profit publishing organisation.   

Our Vision

To provide the world-class training and development of the students of weaker sections of society with guidance towards new technology and development, As well as to conduct various awareness programs in rural areas for health and other issues.

The objective of the organization is Education, Training, Research, and Development, and health issues especially to work for human development in society and to promote awareness in the masses, especially in the weaker section of the society.

Our Mission

We are focused on quality research work publication and training.